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Windows AutoPilot Deployment

Microsoft has announced that Windows AutoPilot Deployment – a new cloud service that enables IT professionals and partners to customize the Windows 10 out of box setup experience. It used cloud configuration, delivering a self-service deployment experience with new Windows 10 Pro devices. It is now available through CSP.

For Windows AutoPilot Deployment feature overviews and demos please see below:

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MDT Installing Office 365 – Check license and the correct Product ID

Always good to make sure you have the correct Product ID in you configuration file when installing Office 365. An easy way to do this is to check you license in the Office 365 Portal.

  1. Login to the Office 365 Admin Center and click Billing then Licenses.
  2. Then go to the TechNet page: Product IDs that are supported by the Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run
  3. The page lists all the Product IDs that are supported by the Microsoft Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run
  4. Ensure you select the right one when downloading and install the appropriate Office application.
    In my example I would use:

    <Product ID="O365BusinessRetail">

Reference for Click-to-Run configuration.xml file


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Windows Tech Series – Windows 10 Deployment & Management

Just completed the three day course on Windows 10 Deployment and Management @ Auldhouse.

Windows 10 Deployment & Management

Perform an in-place upgrade from Windows 7

Go through configuring System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager SP1 to perform in-place upgrade and deploy the task sequence to a Windows 7 machine. At the end of this activity, the Windows 7 machine will be upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows 10 Provisioning

Use the Imaging and Configuration Designer to create and install provisioning packages.

Build and Capture a Reference System Image

Go through the process of configuring and creating a Windows 10 image using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT).

Prepare a Windows 10 Lite Touch Deployment

This activity will import the reference Windows 10 image created from the previous section and configure a task sequence for Lite Touch deployment with MDT. At the end of this activity, you would have completed configuring the image deployment task sequence.

Windows 10 Zero Touch Deployment

This activity describes how to configure Configuration Manager for operating system deployment.

Managing Windows 10 with Configuration Manager

Device Package Deployment – Create a device collection, add a device to the collection, add an application package to System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager SP1 and deploy the application to a device.

User Application Deployment – Create a user in Active Directory, add an application to System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager SP1 and deploy the application to that user.

Windows 10 Browsers

Show some common compatibility issues found while migrating existing web applications from IE8 to IE11. It demonstrates the tools and techniques to remediate these common issues. This lab is designed for developers and discusses ways to resolve the compatibility issues by updating the application code as it is the best long term solution to make you applications standards compliant and ensure compatibility with modern browsers.

Example: User Agent String Detection Issue, Box Model, Popup Blocker, className Attribute, GetElementByID, Z Index Default Value, Content Centering, ActiveX Controls.

Device Guard

Learn how to configure and deploy Code Integrity policies, sign and deploy application catalogue files and enable Device Guard in an enterprise.


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Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) Released

The new Windows ADK is a set of tools that you can use to customize, assess, and deploy Windows operating systems to new computers. It is for use with Windows 8 Release Preview and future releases Windows 8 releases. The collection includes:

  • Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT)
  • Deployment Tools, such as DISM, SIM, OSCDIMG and PowerShell cmdlets
  • User State Migration Tool (USMT)
  • Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT)  – A great tool!
  • Windows Performance Toolkit (WPT) – tools to record system events and analyze performance data
  • Windows Assessment Toolkit – Assessment are tasks that simulate user activity and examine the state of the computer
  • Windows Assessment Services – remotely manage settings, computers, images, and assessments in a lab environment
  • Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE)

Download it from: