What is Adaptiva OneSite?

What is Adaptiva OneSite?
Adaptiva OneSite allows you to consolidate your server hierarchy and improve bandwidth utilization. It allows you to remove all ConfigMgr Secondary sites, Distribution Points, and unwanted Primary sites. Companies are able to save on hardware costs, as well as drastically reduce the cost of managing these servers. This is made possible through an enterprise Peer to Peer system, a distributed virtual cache, and an advanced network protocol.

Adaptiva OneSite Benefits
– Roll-out ConfigMgr 2007 or 2012 server infrastructure instantly: do it in weeks
– Simplify operations: no system design or operational maintenance
– Lower costs: Reduce server cost, maximize bandwidth utilization
– Dramatically faster package downloads
– Secure software distribution and patching
– Fault tolerant and agile
– No need for bandwidth throttles or scheduled distributions

Adaptiva OneSite Users Guide

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Windows 10 OSD Best Practices with ConfigMgr

Microsoft MVP Ami Casto will give you demonstrations of community tools and Adaptiva technologies to help ensure your success with:

  • Windows 10 OSD planning, deployment, and maintenance
  • Large-scale, zero-touch deployments and ongoing servicing
  • Security configuration management to harden attack surfaces
  • Real-time incident response to urgent security issues
  • Windows 10 OSD Best Practices with ConfigMgr Webinar