Microsoft Premier Workshop – EMS + S Technical Workshop

Microsoft Premier Workshop – EMS + S Technical Workshop

The four-day EMS + S Technical Workshop for Spark will provide members of the Spark technical support and delivery team the skills required to understand and successfully configure and support Spark’s EMS customer solution.

The topics included within this Workshop include

  • EMS Introduction
  • Managing client access
  • Defining and managing security & rights management
  • Implementing & applying user templates
  • Working with customer self-service options

In this Workshop, students will learn the tools used in EMS to help define and manage individual customer requirements within Sparks shared customer environment.  This Workshop contains Level 300 content.

Key Features and Benefits 

Each module is designed to provide participants with in-depth expertise, tools and experience in configuring and managing various EMS scenarios.  As an exclusive Spark event students, will be able to deep dive on the Spark solution to define specific customer requirements.  A series of User Scenarios will provide participants with the practical application of the features and functions they learn about.

Technical Highlights 

This Workshop will include the following topics

EMS Pre-Requisites 

  • The Solution
  • Connecting a customer


  • Mobile device management
  • Controlling conditional access – device and applications
  • Managing compliance rules
  • Applying exemptions
  • Mobile application rules

Rights Management (RMS)

  • Activating RMS
  • Invoking and managing file protection
  • Configuring templates
  • Applying templates
  • User experience

Azure Active Directory Premium (AADP)

  • Identity and access management – Single Sign-On to access cloud apps from Windows, iOS and Android devices
  • Data protection
  • Self-service for employees – password and group management
  • Password resets
  • Group management
  • Customized MyApps portal
  • Integration with On-premises

User Scenarios – practical experience in applying the learning of the Workshop


IT Camp: Windows 10 for Business

Event Code: 1032636290
Event Name: IT Camp: Windows 10 for Business
Location: Cliftons Auckland , Level 4, 45 Queen St, Auckland

Join the Windows Insider Program. Test an in-place upgrade to Windows 10. USB will be provided with Windows 10 ISO.

Terry Myerson – Preparing to Upgrade a One Billion Devices

Windows 10 Technical Training

With Windows 10 being released, more customers are asking about it and looking to start their proof of concepts so they can evaluate how it can best fit within their organization. This is a great opportunity for you to start engaging with customers to drive project and managed services opportunities.

As a valuable Windows deployment partner, we want to help you with this by offering you the opportunity to learn the technical aspects of Windows 10 from Microsoft experts. Ace and Auldhouse, will each be hosting a three-day training session in Auckland.

Here you will learn about topics such as how to deploy and manage Windows 10, and the security features you can use to help protect a customer’s data, identity, and devices. You will come away with a better understanding of how Windows is becoming more like a service and how new features will be added over time. After this training you should be able to walk into your customer’s organization and help them deploy Windows 10.

As part of this event you will have the opportunity to use hands on labs (HOL) to help reinforce the topics discussed. To use the HOL, you will need to bring a laptop that runs Windows 8.0 or higher, Server 2012 R2 or higher, Hyper-V role installed, 8GB of RAM or more, 100GB Free disk space, and a modern CPU (Core i5 or better preferred).

Location: Auldhouse Computer Training Centre
Date: Tuesday, 27 October 2015 9:00 a.m. till Wednesday, 4 November 2015 5:00 p.m.

@ Microsoft Cloud & Infrastructure User Group

Went to the Microsoft Cloud & Infrastructure User Group this evening. First timer to this social hub. Free pizza and beer is a good start.

The group covered:
– Office 365 Groups
– Delve insight. Soon available on Android and IOS
– SharePoint Server 2016
– Support for non-office documents
– Patching with smaller foot print and zero down time
– No Foundation 2016 or SharePoint Designer 2016
– Durable content link. No more missing documents
– Cloud search service application. Cloud content appears on on-premise searches
– Creating a Microsite demo
– Windows 10 for Business
– Windows Updates for Business
– Windows 10 Desktop Editions; Home, Pro and Enterprise
– Installed OS is a smaller foot print than Windows 8.1
– Nano Server; No GUI, 64-bit only, CloudOS infrastructure, zero foot print, have import all roles and features and driver support, manage with PS, DSC and WMI. Improved servicing, fewer open ports, drivers and services running. 40 seconds to deploy. Disk foot print 400 MB (SD card).
–  Windows Server 2016; Storage Spaces Direct four nodes required.
– Hyper-V 2016; Shielded VMs using TPM and BitLocker enabled guests. Linux secure boot. PowerShell Direct. Hot add memory and nice.
System Center 2016; support Windows 10. Allow direct manage of Windows 10 devices with MDM. Allow ConfigMgr on virtual machines and in-cloud.

Plug: New Zealand Ignite 1 – 4 September 2015 @ SkyCity

IT Camp: Extend your Datacenter with Microsoft Azure

Just finishing up an IT Camp with Microsoft. Great overview of Microsoft Azure. Good labs using virtual machines, SQL and a web frontend. Looking forward to get stuck into Azure AD. It is nice to have time to complete this course and get have some good food from Clifton’s kitchen. Thanks to Regan Murphy for leading a good MS event.

IT Camp: Extend your Datacenter with Microsoft Azure

Auckland University – Business Writing Skills

Just complete a two-day business writing workshop with Nick Read. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Nick made it fun and informative. Simple ways to record your thoughts, format and present these to the reader. I would highly recommend this course to anyone writing emails to business proposals.

Topics Covered

Make life easier for yourself – and your reader

  • Principles of good communication
  • Formatting your thoughts
  • Writing for your reader
  • Some tricks of the trade to ensure clear and concise communication

Setting the standard

  • Making sure every letter you write reflects your organisation’s standards of excellence
  • Sound structure and other guidelines
  • Proofing tips
  • Putting grammar in its place


Gain knowledge, skills and practice in these four essential areas for effective communication:

  • Thinking
  • Structure
  • Language
  • Layout

Microsoft Azure SMB Roadshow – Auckland

Just completed a one day Microsoft Partner course at Cliftons on Microsoft Azure.


This Technical Series provides training and demonstrations on how to leverage Azure to deliver cloud-based solutions and services to small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

This course covers partner opportunities, SMB trends, and a range of Azure capabilities and solutions, including backup, storage, websites, IaaS, PaaS, and more.

In this training, you will:

  • Get hands-on experience—with a focus on building real-world solutions.
  • Develop the skills you need—to deliver solutions specifically for SMBs with the latest technologies from Microsoft.
  • Open up new opportunities in the cloud—including hybrid cloud, IaaS, and PaaS scenarios.

IT Camp: Windows 8 for IT Professionals

Just finished Nathan Mercer’s Windows 8 for IT Professionals IT Camp in Auckland. Great sessions on managing and sideloading Windows 8 applications, Windows To Go (WTG) and a number of other tips and tricks. If was definitely worth the time to sit down and listen and work through the examples that were presented.

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