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Deploy Windows to Surface Pro 3 using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

Great article on deployment the Surface Pro 3 using MDT.

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MAP Toolkit Firewall Configuration

Enable Remote Administration exception
The “remote administration exception” needs to be enabled for computers when the Windows Firewall is enabled. This exception opens TCP port 135.

Enable File and Printer sharing exception
The “File and Printer Sharing” exception must be enabled for computers. This exception opens TCP ports 139 and 445, and UDP ports 137 and 138.

MAP Toolkit

MAP Toolkit FAQ – Repeatedly Running Inventory Collection

If you repeatedly run inventory into the same database, the results will be additive:

  • Any machines already successfully inventoried into the current database will not be re-inventoried.
  • Any machines not successfully inventoried previously (such as access denied or timed out.) will be re-attempted for inventory.
  • Any new machines discovered (such as machines that were not previously in Active Directory but that are now there, or new machines imported via flat file) will be inventoried.

Cut and paste from: Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

MAP Toolkit

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 6.5 Released

Just download the new version of Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 6.5 .

The new Software Usage Tracking feature is very handy, I think they will be adding in Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) in the next release.

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