Downgrade TPM 2.0 to TPM 1.2 for Dell Devices

Dell devices with TPM at the 2.0 level will not build on legacy BIOS systems.

A solution around this is to downgrade the TPM to 1.2 level.

This can be done using the Dell provided TPM firmware update utility.

Have a look here for the details:

Lenovo BIOS Settings Tool (VBScript & WMI)

Here are the tools for updating your Lenovo machine’s BIOS settings and BIOS password. Please note the password cannot be set using this method when one does not already exist. Passwords can only be updated or cleared.

ThinkPad Models:

ThinkCentre M58:

ThinkCentre M90:

ThinkCentre M91:

ThinkCentre M92: