Group Policy Objects, Kiosk, Windows 7

Remove Computer icon on the Desktop

For a kiosk I need to remove the Computer icon from the Start Menu.

The group policy location is: User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Desktop then Remove computer icon on the desktop


This setting hides computer from the desktop and from the new Start menu. It also hides links to computer in the Web view of all Explorer windows, and it hides computer in the Explorer folder tree pane. If the user navigates into computer via the “Up” button while this setting is enabled, they view an empty computer folder. This setting allows administrators to restrict their users from seeing computer in the shell namespace, allowing them to present their users with a simpler desktop environment.

If you enable this setting, computer is hidden on the desktop, the new Start menu, the Explorer folder tree pane, and the Explorer Web views. If the user manages to navigate to computer, the folder will be empty.

If you disable this setting, computer is displayed as usual, appearing as normal on the desktop, Start menu, folder tree pane, and Web views, unless restricted by another setting.

If you do not configure this setting, the default is to display computer as usual.