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Devcon.exe “Disable failed” on Windows 7 x64

I was needing to disable some devices on a Windows 7 x64 computer. Did the usual download from Microsoft then constructed the syntax. I kept getting: Disable failed.

I have this working on WIndows XP x86. After some googling it turned out that the 64 bit version of Devcon.exe that is available to download from Microsoft is not compatible for windows 7 64 bit. Go figure.

You need to extract it from Windows Server 2003 x64 DVD.

Here is a link for the x64 version of Devcon.exe (zipped):

Disabling devices using Devcon

  1. List all devices to a text file: devcon find *> d:\list.txt
  2. Verify the device is unique: devcon find *VEN_1113
  3. devcon disable *VEN_1113