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Configuration Manager 2012 vs. McAfee VirusScan Enterprise

If you have worked with CM 2012 and had the pleasure of McAfee being installed on your servers, then you will know that the two don’t get along. Creating boot images, offline servicing and basically anything using DISM or ImageX fails with access denied.

You can read the official reason from McAfee here. Their solution is the same as what I’ve had to implemented, temporarily disable Access Protection in the VSE. Need to know how to do this? It is noted here on the McAfee site.

Microsoft also commented on the issue in a very generalistic way “Some DISM commands may be blocked by antivirus or antimalware tools. Before servicing an image, disable antivirus or antimalware tools on the technician computer” TechNet Article

So no real solution just a workaround. Make sure you have applied the anti-virus scan exclusions for Configuration Manager 2012 as noted on the site.