Configuration Manager 2012, Task Sequence

Document a Configuration Manager 2012 Task Sequence

After sometime I was able to document a Configuration Manager 2012 Task Sequence using the tsDocumentorv2.xsl file that was previously used for MDT Task Sequences.

  1. In Configuration Manager 2012 export the TS to a zip file.
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Navigate to SMS_TaskSequencePackage\{packageid}.
  4. Copy tsDocumentorv2.xls into the SMS_TaskSequencePackage\{packageid} folder.
  5. Open the file object.xml and search for CDATA
  6. Copy everything between <VALUE><![CDATA[ and ]]></VALUE>
  7. Paste it into a new text file. The contents should start with <sequence version=”3.00″> and finish with </sequence>.
  8. Add the following text to the top of the new file <?xml-stylesheet type=”text/xsl” href=”tsDocumentorv2.xsl”?>.
  9. Save the new file with a .xml file extension into SMS_TaskSequencePackage\packageid folder.
  10. Start Internet Explorer and open the newliy created xml file.
  11. Hit F12 and enable Compatability View browser mode.

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