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Importing Multiple GPOs into a Domain

Importing Multiple GPOs into a Domain

The ImportAllGPOs.wsf sample creates new GPOs in a specified domain and imports settings into these new GPOs from a specified backup location. The script creates a new GPO and imports settings for the latest version of each backed-up GPO in the backup location. The names of the GPOs that were backed up are used for the new GPOs. The new GPOs are derived from a previous GPO backup. Therefore, if the previous GPOs still exist in the domain, they will be overwritten by the new GPOs. Any GPO settings that have been changed since the backup will be lost.

Usage:  ImportAllGPOs.wsf <BackupLocation> [/MigrationTable:<FilePath>] [Domain:<DNSDomainName>]
Example:  ImportAllGPOs.wsf f:\backup /MigrationTable:f:\Table1.xml

CScript.exe ImportAllGPOs.wsf G:\Temp\Prod /MigrationTable:G:\Prod.xml