Group Policy Objects, Windows 7

Remove Backup Notification in Action Center

This article shows you how to turn off the Backup Notification message in Windows 7 Action Center. This works for both x86 and x64 systems.

  1. Edit a Group Policy Object (GPO) that is targeted to the computers that you want to disabled the backup notification.
  2. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Preferences > Windows Settings > Registry.
  3. Click on “Action” in the menu then “New” and then “New then Registry Item”.
  4. Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE from the Hive drop down.
  5. Then type in: “SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsBackup“ into the key path.
  6. In the value name type “DisableMonitoring”
  7. In the value type then select the REG_DWORD Value Type and type “1” in the Value data: field.
  8. Reboot computer.